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Life expectancy, load bearing capacity, aesthetics, workmanship – the demands of SILBER Windows Ltd are much higher than the norm in all areas. As our own quality standards are clearly defined, not one product leaves the factory before it has been thoroughly checked for perfection. Of course this takes a considerable amount of time. Yet, it is worth every second to fulfill your and our satisfaction. Such high demands of the products can only be met through constant research and development of materials and technology.

SILBER is not an industrial factory or the mass manufacturer of products. As the manufacturer of windows and doors it is only natural for SILBER that individual wishes are fulfilled and made order products are created for customers. SILBER readily provides customers with design proposals which the customer can actively contribute to.

Our work is a constant professional career. We are forever developing models and construction technology, the daily improvement of details, the experimenting with sophisticated processes and selected materials,activity, the ensuring of customer satisfaction and the development of innovative and long lasting solutions is our driving motivation. This is how SILBER already produced the first wood and aluminium windows in 1967 and were the first to introduce windows with two seals and closed sealing chambers. Numerous patents underline the innovative skills of SILBER.

Extraordinary customers expect extraordinary windows. The combination of wood and bronze unites the two oldest building materials to a durable window with numerous advantages. The wood and bronze window provides, on the one hand, the comfort of a wooden window, and on the other hand, bronze ensures the highest resistability and unlimited life span. It is the ideal addition for a top quality and exclusive building culture and fascinates for generations through its impressive aesthetic appeal.

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