Reynaers Aluminum

Slim Line 38 Classic


Light, Elegance and Comfort

Slim Line 38 is a highly insulated window and door system, which combines elegance and comfort with a unique design. This special slender steel look is the perfect solution for modern architecture and renovation of steel-framed windows, respecting the original design but offering a thermally improved solution.

The SL 38 system is available in 3 different minimalistic design variants, Classic, Ferro and Cubic, with classic being the standard. The windows and doors can be provided with double and triple glazing without losing the ultra-slim look.

In combination with its superior insulation capabilities, the system provides the perfect harmony between durable material, clean design and demanding architectural challenges.


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  • Window – Fixed

  • Window – Inward Opening Combined Elements

  • Window – Inward Opening Double Casement

  • Window – Inward Opening Turn

  • Window – Inward Opening Turn Tilt

  • Window – Outward Opening Turn

  • Window – Round Window Fixed

  • Window – Inward Opening Tilt Turn

  • Window – Outward Opening Top Hung