Reynaers Aluminum

CS 104


Solution for low energy constructions

Concept System® 104 is our latest and most innovative inward opening window system, designed to increase comfort and decrease energy consumption to a minimum. The extreme insulation levels are achieved by a patented technology, in which insulation strips with increased stability are combined with special foam in a way that no extra manipulation is needed during the production of the window elements. This guarantees a constant quality of the assembled element, making this window perfectly applicable in passive constructions.

Besides a high insulation level, air tightness is the most important factor determining a window’s energy efficiency. Therefore, a new set of specific gaskets was developed to ensure an ultimate water- and air tightness of the system, making this system applicable for extreme conditions such as coastal areas and high altitudes. The increased built-in depth (104 mm / 4 1/16″) contributes to the strength and stability of the elements, allowing large dimensions, even with the application of triple glazing. The window system perfectly matches the CS 104 door system.

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