Old World Custom Doors

The mission of Old World Door is to provide every client with excellence in product and design. Our team is committed to approaching every order with that client’s unique needs and ultimate satisfaction as job number one.

Old World Door provides the finest in handcrafted, custom made doors. Using the time honored practice of old world construction and finishing, our artisans create products of stunning beauty and extraordinary quality. To ensure that we are producing items to your exact specifications, we provide you with CAD drawings of every product we build and samples of our stains and distressing options.

With the help of 11 craftsmen, Steve Gardner founded Old World Door in 1997 as a small mill-work plant that produced a limited line of high-end, custom doors. In an industry overloaded with press board construction, man made fibers and veneers, Steve felt there was still a niche for people who appreciated the quality, craftsmanship and individualized design of a handcrafted door. From the beginning, he established a culture based on producing doors that were known for their exceptional quality of construction and design. The results were breathtaking. We have grown significantly since then and have been able to expand both the number and types of products we offer. What has not changed though is our commitment to the handcrafted door and to creating products of exquisite beauty, design, and quality.

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