COMEP Steel Doors and Windows

COMEP is a manufacturer of thermally broken steel windows and doors.

Thanks to the passion for processing metals like steel or bronze and the unwavering commitment to research into more advanced methodologies, today the Comep Staff can guarantee maximum standards of performance, quality and design with customized solutions that uphold the “made in Italy” brand standard, not only in Italy but also abroad.

Our experience on the steel and bronze windows lasts and continues for years and, while all expectations were on the hot rolled windows, COMEP was already approaching to the tomorrow’s needs: completely involved on the testing of the very first thermally broken windows.

Today COMEP has a widespread network of partners, trough out all the world, able to guarantee the best assistance, service and quality to all our demanding customers.

Our goal is not only to offer the best products, but also the most reliable service: all our partners are strictly selected and trained to be able to handle the projects from the designing to whatever needs might come also after the products have been sold.

The COMEP Steel windows plant is situated near Florence in Tuscany (Italy), with windows and doors production extending over a partly covered area of 3000 m². This is where a team of personnel with over twenty years of experience works with passion and a spirit of innovation, creating artworks from their own creativity and versatility.

The use of latest generation automated equipment and continuous monitoring of operative procedures by COMEP’s technicians ensures extremely high product quality standards with a “hand-crafted” feel. COMEP steel windows: Perfection should not only be an end but a starting point.

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