Our Team

Jacobe Gray
Project Manager


About Jacobe

Jacobe is an outside sales person for Portofino Fine Doors in Windows representing the Monterey Bay Area and Peninsula providing custom window and doors solutions and design.

While working with Bay Area Cabinets and sharing a showroom with Portofino he found he enjoy selling windows much more than designing and selling cabinetry. His natural ability to cold call and speak to everyone about the Luxury Windows, Doors and Custom Finishing we provide proved successful and he’s been with Portofino for the past 9 years.

When Jacobe isn’t lifting very heavy weights at Crossfit and working very hard to get better at body weight exercises and gymnastics he loves spending time with his wife and two girls Ava 9 and Kaitlyn 7 on the East Side of Santa Cruz.

If you don’t find him at the showroom just call him to find out what he doing. He’ll be glad to help you.

Henry Foster


About Hank

Hank is the original founder of Southwest Door and window and Portofino fine Doors and windows. Hank has about 30 years in the window and door business and still enjoys coming to work and addressing new challenges. He is personally committed to his customers' satisfaction and enjoys getting out to all of the projects as much as possible.

When he’s not working Hank looks forward to spending time with family and seeing his grandkids. And he loves getting out in the desert on his dirt bikes.

Jackson Foster
Project Manager


About Jackson

Jackson is new to the Monterey area after working at the Santa Barbara location on custom finishing and project management. Although he spends most of his time at the office, he loves to get out and help with some of the "dirty work". He also enjoys photographing the process and finished projects Portofino does in the northern region.

In his spare time, Jackson enjoys figuring out ways to drum and play music without bothering his neighbors.

John Firestone
Project Manager


About John

John moved to Santa Barbara from the Mid-west and dove right into the Home Design business.   Later on found Portofino and hasn’t looked back.   Give the Santa Barbara office a call and he’ll lead you in the right direction.